ILE Institute Publications

Within ILE Institute, our publishing company, ILE Institute Publications, works with experienced, knowledgeable, highly-motivated educators to create both print and online materials for students and teachers in a multitude of languages. Keeping in mind the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages we publish materials from levels A1 to C2 to support students through all stages of their journey. These materials combine reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises and focus on grammar, vocabulary and practical application.

Providing support from start to finish, we help guide teachers as they create materials relevant inside and outside of the classroom. Coalescing their knowledge and experiences, teachers produce relevant and pointed materials to meet students’ needs, provide resources for educators and serve as the foundation for educational programs.

Our current publications include Let’s Get Dutch!, Una Paloma Blanca and UPB Kids. For more information on these resources, please contact us here.

Let's get dutch

We believe in one thing: learning new languages does not have to be boring or difficult! Your time and motivation are important so we want to make your language adventure fun, interesting, activating and not too difficult. We try to make it all happen with this book.

Let’s Get Dutch is a language method where the student follows the life of Francesco, who has just arrived in the Netherlands from Italy. He goes through daily life situations just like you: he looks for a home and a job, learns Dutch, does groceries, makes new friends, buys a bike, goes to a café, uses public transportation and falls in love. You follow his journey and learn Dutch in a playful way with an emphasis on daily use of the language.

Let’s Get Dutch is written in true Una Paloma Blanca style. We hope you make a ‘flying start’ with Dutch by following along with Francesco, learning basic grammar and, of course, getting plenty of speaking time. Additionally, you will have access to our website, where you can find extra exercises, recordings and tests.

3…2…1…, START!

Let's get Dutch audio

Hoofdstuk 1, Hoofdtext

Hoofdstuk-1, Opdracht-14

Hoofdstuk 2, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 2, Opdracht 13

Hoofdstuk 3, Hoofdtekst 1

Hoofdstuk 3, Hoofdtekst 2. Bij de kassa

Hoofdstuk 3, Hoofdtekst 3. Mijn ontbijt was perfect!

Hoofdstuk 3, Opdracht 4

Hoofdstuk 3, Opdracht 6

Hoofdstuk 4, Hoofdtekst 1

Hoofdstuk 4, Hoofdtekst 2. Char Venster

Hoofdstuk 5, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 5, Opdracht 2

Hoofdstuk 5, Opdracht 8

Hoofdstuk 6, Hoofdtekst 1

Hoofdstuk 6, 2 Recepte 1

Hoofdstuk 6, 3

Hoofdstuk 6, 4 Gesprek aan tafel

Hoofdstuk 6, 5 Opdracht 16

Hoofdstuk 7, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 7, Opdracht 11

Hoofdstuk 7, Openbaar vervoer

Hoofdstuk 8, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 8, In de trein

Hoofdstuk 8, Opdracht 14

Hoofdstuk 9, 1 Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 9, 2 Email Expats Events Eindhoven

Hoofdstuk 9, 3 ItaloNed

Hoofdstuk 9, 4 Vervolg hoofdtekst 1

Hoofdstuk 9, 5 Vervolg hoofdtekst 2

Hoofdstuk 9, 6 Opdracht 14

Hoofdstuk 10, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 10, Opdracht 17

Hoofdstuk 11, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 12, Hoofdtekst

Hoofdstuk 12, Opdracht 7

Hoofdstuk 12, Opdracht 9