Within ILE Institute, our publishing company, ILE Institute Publications, works with experienced, knowledgeable, highly-motivated educators to create both print and online materials for students and teachers in a multitude of languages. Keeping in mind the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages we publish materials from levels A1 to C2 to support students through all stages of their journey. These materials combine reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises and focus on grammar, vocabulary and practical application.

Providing support from start to finish, we help guide teachers as they create materials relevant inside and outside of the classroom. Coalescing their knowledge and experiences, teachers produce relevant and pointed materials to meet students’ needs, provide resources for educators and serve as the foundation for educational programs.

Our current publications include Let’s Get Dutch!, Encompass: A journey into english, Una Paloma Blanca and UPB Kids. For more information on these resources, please contact us here.

Let's get dutch!

Let's get Dutch! audio

Let’s Get Dutch! The fun, fast & efficient way.

We believe in one thing: learning new languages does not have to be boring or difficult! Your time and motivation are important so we want to make your language adventure fun, interesting, activating and not too difficult. We try to make it all happen with this book.

Let’s Get Dutch! is a language method where the student follows the life of Francesco, who has just arrived in the Netherlands from Italy. He goes through daily life situations just like you: he looks for a home and a job, learns Dutch, does groceries, makes new friends, buys a bike, goes to a café, uses public transportation and falls in love. You follow his journey and learn Dutch in a playful way with an emphasis on daily use of the language.

Let’s Get Dutch! is written in true Una Paloma Blanca style. We hope you make a ‘flying start’ with Dutch by following along with Francesco, learning basic grammar and, of course, getting plenty of speaking time. Additionally, you will have access to our website, where you can find extra exercises, recordings and tests.

3…2…1…, START!

Let's get dutch 2!

Let's get Dutch 2! audio

Let's Get Dutch! 2

‘Hallo, hoe gaat het met je?’ ‘Met mij gaat het goed en met jou?’ ‘Ik heet Francesco en ik ben 27 jaar.’

Dit stadium ben je inmiddels voorbij. Je begrijpt het Nederlands steeds beter, zelfs als Nederlanders snel praten, maar actief deelnemen aan gesprekken is soms nog een beetje spannend. Zeg je het wel goed? Hoe zat het ook alweer met de volgorde van de werkwoorden? Lachen ze me niet uit vanwege mijn uitspraak? Om ervoor te zorgen dat je Nederlands zich blijft ontwikkelen, kun je nu aan de slag met het Let’s Get Dutch! voor A2!

In het eerste deel van Let’s Get Dutch! maakte je kennis met Francesco en zijn vrienden. En er gebeurt veel in hun levens! Ze worden verliefd, krijgen nieuw werk, gaan op reis, krijgen baby’s, maar natuurlijk ook minder leuke dingen, zoals ontslag en misschien zelfs een gebroken hart? Net als Francesco en Lisa, vind jij steeds meer je eigen weg in Nederland en loop je wellicht tegen dezelfde problemen aan als zij. Problemen en situaties die jij binnenkort in goed Nederlands aankunt!

We hebben dit boek geschreven in de typische Una Paloma Blanca stijl, een lopend verhaal en verschillende oefeningen die aansluiten bij de tekst. We hopen dat je net zoveel plezier hebt in maken van de opdrachten als wij met het maken van het boek.

Let's get dutch 3!

Let's get Dutch 3! audio

Let's Get Dutch! 3

Wellicht heb je de eerdere delen van Let’s Get Dutch! gebruikt. Dan weet je dat het boek je Nederlands leert met behulp van een aantal hoofdpersonen die in een doorlopend verhaal diverse avonturen beleven in binnen- en buitenland. Ook dit keer is Francesco weer van de partij. Hij ontmoet veel nieuwe mensen, beleeft spannende avonturen (iets met een gevangenis), wordt verliefd en nog veel meer. Jij bent hier deelgenoot van en tijdens het lezen over het leven en de avonturen van Francesco verbeter je ook meteen je Nederlands!

Dit boek is speciaal voor cursisten op B1 niveau. Inmiddels begrijp je de Nederlandse grammatica een stuk beter, jammer van al die uitzonderingen, je woordenschat is ook een stuk groter en je voelt je steeds zelfverzekerder om Nederlands te spreken. Dit boek is jouw volgende stap.

In dit derde deel van Let’s Get Dutch! wordt niet alleen je kennis van het Nederlands aangevuld, je leert ook meer over Nederland zelf! Zo verbeter je ‘fun, fast and efficient’ je Nederlands. We hopen dat jij net zoveel plezier hebt bij het maken van de oefeningen uit dit boek, als wij hadden tijdens het maken.

Encompass: A journey into English

Encompass: A journey into English audio

Encompass: A journey into English

This is no ordinary English book. Our A1 English book explores English through travel and culture. You will learn the basics you need to get speaking right away and our exercises are designed to get you thinking in English.

We follow two travellers as they wander through the world, learning and meeting new people along the way. We use engaging language and vibrant illustrations to bring the language to life!

In Europe, we learn about history and how to describe the world around us.

In North America, we get lost in New York City and run through the streets of L.A.

In Australia, we dive into the ocean and learn how to surf.

In Asia, we explore through the senses, tasting some delicious local delicacies along the way.

We offer lots of new vocabulary, as well as the building blocks you need to speak confidently in English. Our grammar is presented through the story, with some helpful tips thrown in for good measure.

Encompass: A journey into English 2

Encompass: A journey into English 2 audio

Encompass: A journey into English 2

Encompass: A Journey Into English A2 is the story of two people embarking on a journey through life’s most compelling and exciting moments, in one of the world’s most fascinating places, Asia. We follow the story of Jake and Tim as they venture into new beginnings both as a couple, and on their own.

Exploring such a diverse and beautiful part of the world calls for some equally eye-catching illustrations that bring this journey to life. In this book we not only read their stories, but we witness it with our own eyes – with the opportunity to share our own stories, experiences and dreams.

In Shanghai we discover and sample one of the world’s finest cuisines. In South-East Asia we open our minds and dive into history, hearing people’s stories and learning about some of history’s most significant moments. In Hong Kong we develop ourselves into professional thinkers, before jetting off to Singapore, on our very first business trip. In Taiwan we celebrate love and the freedom of equality, then in Japan, we get stuck in and do our part for the environment.

In Encompass: A Journey Into English A2, we do more than teach you a language, we show you how, when and where you can use, so you’re ready to embark on your own journey into English.

Spaans leren

Spaans leren audio

Spaans Leren

Pack your bags! We’re heading to Spain.

Marcos, Marieke, Carmen and Tom are heading off on one fun trip!

They’re saying adios to Eindhoven and hola to Barcelona!

The group has a lot of fun and exciting adventures, but also the occasional mishap along the way. And it is through their eyes and experiences that you will learn the language, naturally. You will be all set to order food and drinks in a restaurante , ask for directions when you get lost in Barrio Gótico, discover the amazing culture of the country, party with the best of them, and forge new friendships.

Our textbook corresponds to the CEFR levels A1 – A2 and it will get you thinking and speaking in Spanish right from the very first page. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced through real life situations so you will learn the language and expressions that locals actually use!

All the building blocks you need are packed in here to get you speaking, listening, reading and writing confidently in Spanish. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and come along on this magical language learning adventure with Marcos and Marieke, Carmen and Tom, and us, Una Paloma Blanca!